January 16, 2013

International Logistics: Global Supply Chain Management

International Logistics: Global Supply Chain Management PDF Download Ebook. Douglas Long shows how cargo is moved worldwide with the idea and practice of global provide chain management. Creator makes use of present, real-world points to make the material as related as potential, notwithstanding the fast-paced nature of this industry.

But, the writer also contains the theory and historical past of world provide chain management to offer a deeper understanding of the intricacies involved. This text is distinct in the following ways: A balanced strategy between theoretical analysis and actual-world practice, Slicing-edge, unique graphics help clarify ideas higher than any present book, Teacher's Guide supplied by the writer upon request.

It is mixed with pedagogical features and real-world case studies. It's a should-have textbook for college kids of logistics, transportation, and supply chain management students, as well as a reference for international managers. Students gain data and understanding of the provision chain community and its improvement, in addition to of the tools needed to analyze, develop and change such supply chains. The book prepares college students for international careers.

There is a sturdy connection between concept and practice and students will get pleasure from steady and constructive publicity to practice, alternate with practitioners, and insights from the college’s internationally recognized research throughout the various modules. Practitioners are invited to make shows as well as to engage in discussions. College students are launched to live circumstances and visits to companies.

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