January 13, 2013

International Macroeconomics 2nd Edition, Feenstra

International Macroeconomics 2nd Edition PDF Download Ebook. Robert C. Feenstra and Alan M. Taylor combine traditional international economics with straight-from-the- headlines immediacy. This text seamlessly integrates the topic’s established core content material with matter areas and concepts which have emerged from latest empirical studies.

International economics texts traditionally place larger emphasis on theory and a powerful give attention to the advanced countries. Authors links concept to empirical proof throughout the book, and incorporates coverage of emerging markets and developing economies (India, China, SE Asia) to reflect the evolving realities of the global economy. The book has been extensively revised and updated, especially in light of the ongoing world financial crisis.

The world financial disaster and its aftermath are covered in lots of chapters. Chapter 1 discusses the abrupt fall in international trade and its partial recovery. Chapter 2 discusses the increased pressures for protectionist trade policy, including U.S. tariffs against China. Chapter 22 seems to be on the ongoing challenges to the European Union and the Euro

This book provides new coverage of the continued fallout from the global financial crisis, together with U.S. tariffs against China, the continuing challenges to the European Union and the Euro, and the offshoring of service jobs.

It additionally includes new coverage of NAFTA after 15 years, General Motors in the China market, the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Summit, Monetary and fiscal policies on the zero bound and disguising economic issues via creative accounting utilizing international reserves to cushion the consequences of fiscal shocks.

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The link provided isn't the book described by Feenstra & Taylor. Could I by any chance get the one by Feenstra & Taylor please?

Thank you!

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