January 14, 2013

International Political Economy 5th Edition, Oatley

International Political Economy 5th Edition PDF Download Ebook. Thomas Oatley introduces the field of IPE to readers with limited background in political theory, history, and economics. This book surveys major interests and institutions and examines how state and non-state actors pursue wealth and power.

Emphasizing fundamental economic concepts as well as the interplay between domestic and international politics, this book not only explains how the global economy works; it also encourages readers to think critically about how economic policy is made in the context of globalization.

This is an excellent textbook for undergraduate courses in international political economy. Oatley’s exposition is clear and complete; it presents both basic theoretical foundations and effective contemporary applications. The book is analytically sophisticated and empirically rich and provides an exceptional introduction to the field.

Chapter 2, “The WTO and the World Trade System” structures the discussion of hegemonic stability theory around the concepts of public goods and free riding. Chapter 3, “The Political Economy of International Trade Cooperation” introduces spatial theory to analyze bargaining in the WTO and discusses the sources of bargaining power.

Chapter 5, “A State-Centered Approach to Trade Politics” asks students to consider the merits and demerits of the Obama administration’s desire to use industrial policy to promote green technology. The chapters on domestic politics introduce the concept of Veto Player and demonstrate how it shapes outcomes in trade and monetary policy making. Chapter 9, “The Politics of Multinational Corporations” closely examines sovereign wealth funds.

Chapter 11, “Contemporary International Monetary Arrangements” focuses on the global imbalances and distributional issues at the center of the global financial crisis. Chapter 13, “A State-Centered Approach to Monetary and Exchange-Rate Policies” strives to explain why the European Central Bank and the Federal Reserve have adopted such different policies in response to current economic conditions.

Chapter 15, “Developing Countries and International Finance II: A Decade of Crises” incorporates Bretton Woods II more fully into the coverage. Chapter 16, “Globalization: Consequences and Controversies” examines how politics have created a distributive conflict that forces governments to choose between a global climate change regime or compliance with WTO obligations.

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