January 31, 2013

The Economics of Macro Issues 5th Edition, Miller

The Economics of Macro Issues 5th Edition PDF Download Ebook. Roger LeRoy Miller and Daniel K. Benjamin offer relevant readings that spark independent thinking. The text encourages readers to apply theoretical discussions to today’s important issues and to gain a deeper understanding of current macroeconomic policy concerns.

Readings are concise, allowing for easy integration into any principles of economics or issues-based classroom. A correlation guide in the preface illustrates how to integrate topics into different courses. Conversational and informative non-technical writing is geared toward principles-level students and does not require advanced math.

Each chapter offers sound economic analysis, leaving the reader with a solid understanding of the concepts at work. Using the latest debates in macroeconomic policy, the authors encourage readers to question their own assumptions and the analysis offered by the media and politicians on key issues. Discussion questions are included for each real-world issue, and an online Instructor’s Manual provides tips for leading classroom dialogues.

Many users have asked for more discussion questions at the end of chapters. This edition expands the number of such questions by 50 percent! More than two times the number of end of chapter questions for this edition than previous editions. Ten chapters are new to this edition and the remaining chapters have been substantially revised!

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