February 8, 2013

Macroeconomics 10th Edition by Stephen Slavin

Macroeconomics 10th Edition PDF Download Ebook. Stephen Slavin introduces global perspectives to many discussions. The author discusses the impact of technology and e-business on the recent economic expansion. A new interior design reflects the contemporary flavor that this traditional text now possess.

A Chapter Issues section at the end of each chapter gives practical application to at least one of the concepts covered in the chapter. Issues discussed include “Will You Ever Be Poor?” in Chapter 17. The discussion of comparative advantage in Chapter 18 has been written for simplicity and clarity, making it easier for students to learn. The streamlined basis of the text has been retained from the previous version, and the more obscure passages have been simplified.

Dozens of self-help boxes anticipate and answer frequently asked questions. The book reviews math that students should have learned before college. The better prepared students can skip this material, but this review enables all students to start on a level playing field in the course. Many advanced work boxes provide more challenging material, giving adventurous students an opportunity to learn and master difficult material. This optional material can be easily skipped by instructors.

Most chapters now have one or two “On the Web” blurbs, which direct the student to interesting websites. “Questions for Thought and Discussion” now include “Practical Application” questions in each chapter. Learning Objectives in each chapter are now tied to the test bank and the workbook problems.

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