February 7, 2013

Macroeconomics 11th Edition, Dornbusch & Fischer

Macroeconomics 11th Edition PDF Download Ebook. Rudiger Dornbusch, Stanley Fischer and Richard Startz include middle-of-the-road approach and very current research, while updating and simplifying the exposition. This book focuses on making the text even easier to teach from. The only pre-requisite continues to be principles of economics.

New sections include a discussion of the bubbles and bust that led up to the Great Recession, unorthodox monetary policy during the Great Recession as well as the enormous fiscal stimulus, and the reasons we see "jobless recoveries." Authors present updated data throughout the book, demonstrating key trends and thorough discussions of how such trends might be explained by traditional macroeconomic models.

Graphs, data tables, and empirical homework questions use the latest data available. • Expanded coverage of growth from one chapter to two. Growth has been moved forward to chapters 3 and 4 of the text. A new chapter (8) on the New Macroeconomics greatly expands the section from former chapter 1. This book covers rational expectations, the unit root of GDP controversy, real business cycles, and new Keynesian sticky price theory.

The two chapters on inflation and unemployment (16 & 17) have been condensed to one (7). A middle of the road approach is presented by experts. Controversies are explained but conclusions remain neutral. Chapter 20 gives advanced students the opportunity to explore modern theories of balance-of-payments crises, determinants of exchange rates, and the choice of exchange rate regimes. These chapters give instructors the flexibility to range from touching on a few international topics to a thorough discussion lasting several weeks.

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