February 13, 2013

Macroeconomics: Private and Public Choice 14e, Gwartney

Macroeconomics: Private and Public Choice 14th Edition PDF Download Ebook. James D. Gwartney, Richard L. Stroup, Russell S. Sobel and David A. Macpherson include coverage of the recent economic conditions, helping students apply economic principles to the world around them.

You'll find analysis and explanation of measures of economic activity applied to today's markets and highlighting the recession of 2008-2009, plus text on the lives and contributions of notable economists. Common economic myths are dispelled, and the "invisible hand" metaphor is applied to economic theory, demonstrating how it works to stimulate the economy.

This book includes a robust set of online multimedia learning tools, with video clips and free quizzes designed to support classroom work. A completely updated Aplia interactive learning system is also available, completely with practice problems, interactive tutorials, online experiences and more.

Application boxes help students draw parallels between economics and pertinent topics such as supply, demand, financial bailouts, capital markets, and poverty. There is coverage of the recent stock market fallout, as well as its implications for investment decisions in today's world with in-depth analysis of the government response to the financial crisis--discussing both the political economy and federal budget implications.

There is section on the economic way of thinking about government, as well as updated information and data on the Great Recession and lessons learned from the Great Depression. It measures economic activity, assembling important indicators like the unemployment rate and digging into its meaning and relevance. It applies economic theory to current real-world issues and controversies, allowing students to apply what they learn directly to pertinent topics in the world around them.

This text dispels common myths of economic reasoning and examines how these myths can impede a nation's economic progress. It offers historical vignettes on the lives of notable economists, providing an opportunity to weave economic history into the classroom.

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