February 18, 2013

McGraw-Hill Public Finance by Laurence S. Seidman

McGraw-Hill Public Finance PDF Download Ebook. Laurence S. Seidman explores the current and controversial topics that are relevant in today's world with chapters devoted to health care, the environment, and social security. Students will examine the most economical way to resolve these issues by taking a public finance approach.

Several chapters contain appendices for further exploration and explanation of indifference curve material, allowing a professor to customize the course to fit time constraints and the varying competencies of students. It is an approachable text designed with students in mind. The 13 chapters are intentionally written to be taught easily in one semester without skipping material or losing any information.

This text contains all the necessary tools and core chapters that are integral to any Public Finance course in a clear and easy-to-read format. The concise sections and lucid examples are engaging for students, without being dense or tedious. This text incorporates research from across the discipline and provides empirical tie-ins to the real world. The author also covers special topic chapters that define public finance, like education, social security, and healthcare.

This textbook offers a complete look at the material by employing easy-to-read graphs, tables and charts that supply an intuitive, at-a-glance understanding of the material without dense prose and lengthy passages. The concise and conversational writing style makes this first edition text very approachable to students. The brief sections and clear examples are appealing and relevant, without becoming crowded or dull.

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