September 25, 2013

Technology Ventures: From Idea to Enterprise 3rd Edition

Technology Ventures: From Idea to Enterprise 3rd Edition by Thomas Byers, Richard Dorf and Andrew Nelson gives complete resource for analyzing opportunities and building new enterprises. Drawing on the newest educational research and practitioner insights, this book integrates clear theoretical frameworks with motion-oriented examples and exercises.

Its broad perspective on "expertise," including clear tech, info know-how and the life sciences, ensures extensive-ranging appeal to anyone with curiosity in excessive-potential ventures. The in depth features on this edition embody expanded attention to "clear tech" startups within the energy and environment sectors.

There's special coverage of college know-how commercialization, open supply innovation, and social entrepreneurship with eight cases, together with two from the nicely-known Harvard Business School archive. There is "enterprise problem" business plan exercise at the end of every chapter. There are in depth web-based sources, together with sample displays, extra cases and business plans, and quite a few videos of entrepreneurs and other thought leaders.

One of the impressive elements of this book is its broad coverage of the challenges involved in high-know-how entrepreneurship. Part I talks in regards to the core issues concerned in deciding to pursue an entrepreneurial vision and what characteristics are important to success from the very beginning. I'm pleased to see that building and maintaining a competitive benefit and the critical issue of market timing are key topics.

Part II examines the most important strategic choices that any group of entrepreneurs should grapple with: how to stability risk and return, what entrepreneurial structure to pursue, methods to find and domesticate the best workers and assist make them productive, and the important issues of mental property. Part III discusses the operational and organizational challenges that each one entrepreneurs should tackle.

Lastly, Part IV talks about placing collectively a solid financial plan for the company, including exit and funding strategies. In fact, such matters are crucial, and they are often the only or dominant matters of “how-to” books on entrepreneurship. Definitely, the financing and the choice of buyers are key, but unless the challenges discussed within the preceding sections are overcome, it's unlikely that a new enterprise, even when properly financed, can be successful.

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