October 5, 2013

Intermediate Microeconomics and Its Application 11e, Nicholson

Intermediate Microeconomics and Its Application 11th Edition by Walter Nicholson and Christopher M. Snyder offers an exceptionally clear and concise introduction to the economics of markets. This confirmed text uses a managerial focus and consists of relevant applications and powerful examples, with an algebraic strategy, and emphasizes actions that mean you can learn by doing.

The text features a full complement of integrated pedagogical features to reinforce scholar studying, together with overview checklists, an finish-of-text glossary, options to odd-numbered problems, evaluate questions, questions at the end of functions, numerical examples of main concepts, chapter summaries, and the new "Policy Challenges" features.

MicroQuizzes inside the chapters reinforce studying as key ideas are offered, enabling college students to higher take in and retain the knowledge, while finish-of-chapter problems present a more thorough evaluate of the material to help college students succeed in the course. Along with a powerful managerial approach mirrored all through the text, the authors preserve an algebra focus in all mathematical presentations, making the material manageable for college kids with no sturdy basis in calculus.

InfoTrac® Faculty Edition has been integrated into the text by margin notes with key phrases related to the chapter matters, giving college students access to a database of over two million articles from lots of of reliable scholarly and well-liked publications, together with magazines, journals, encyclopedias, and newsletters. Students obtain entry to Economic Purposes sources including EconDebate On-line, EconNews Online, EconLinks Online, and EconData On-line, giving them a wealth of helpful info and interactive studying tools to complement the text and help them achieve class.

The authors have added or revised many applications to offer them a robust managerial focus whereas illustrating key economic ideas in the context of present high-interest subjects, such as the high-definition requirements battle and moral hazard within the financial crisis. Different functions embrace health care, the value of cell telephones, a comparability of SUVs vs. minivans, insurance coverage, Nash equilibrium, sports strategies, and terrorism. New "Policy Challenges" features at the end of many functions problem students to think about how new or current policies relate to the topics being explored, offering a helpful real-world focus.

A new chapter on behavioral economics provides a detailed introduction to this necessary topic, exploring the notion of price differentials that compensate for risk before covering finance-associated issues resembling diversifiable risk, risk premia, and choices and hedging. Quite a few new issues have been added.

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