January 25, 2013

Economics: The Basics 2nd Edition, Tony Cleaver

Economics: The Basics 2nd Edition PDF Download Ebook. Tony Cleaver provides a fascinating introduction to the key issues in contemporary economics. With case studies ranging from the coffee plantations of El Salvador to the international oil industry and the economic slowdown in Japan, it addresses fundamental questions.

Fully updated to take into account the economic recession, changing patterns in world trade, housing and currency markets, this book covers fundamental issues, including how different economic systems function, boom and bust cycle of market economies, impact of emerging markets how price, supply and demand interact, role of the banking and finance industry whether we can emerge from recession and reduce poverty by analyzing the impact of economics on the environment.

With a glossary of terms, suggestions for further reading and new case studies covering subjects including the sub-prime mortgage crisis, changing commodity prices and speculative bubbles, this comprehensive and accessible guide is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand how economics works.

Author presents basic tools of economics, as well as the modern context in which students will observe economics, so they will leave the course with a new way of thinking about today’s world. The book clearly covers fundamental concepts to help students develop economic intuition without overwhelming them.

This text incorporates less formal math than much of the competition, and each chapter is short and accessible. There are also further explanation and exposition of topics for instructors who want to add rigor or prepare their students for additional Economics courses.

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