February 26, 2013

Microeconomics 4th Edition, Besanko and Braeutigam

Microeconomics 4th Edition PDF Download Ebook. David Besanko and Ronald Braeutigam explain the principles very clearly in a logical order and it uses a lot of examples and cases for students to practise the new techniques. The chapters start with a story to show the real life relevance of the concepts, which is clearly appreciated by the students.

This text builds student confidence by providing a clear roadmap to academic success while keeping students in touch with the rapidly changing business world. It offers the end-of-chapter problem sets and a robust collection of resources such as Animated Learning-by-Doing Exercises and Chapter-specific Excel Workbooks to reinforce course goals inside and outside of the classroom and effectively improve student performance.

Authors offer the most practice and varied problem sets to help students internalize microeconomic theory. Learning-by-Doing Exercises are fully worked-out problems that provide step-by-step maps for solving problems and are correlated to chapter summaries and practice problems. Numerous real-world examples illustrate how microeconomics applies to business decision-making and public policy issues.

Each chapter begins with an extended example that introduces the key themes of the chapter and uses real markets and companies. Authors have integrated math and easy-to-follow tables and graphs in coordination with the text and applications in order to help students see the connections. An easy-to-navigate design, framework, calendar, and visual tracking progress allow students to study more effectively so they can concentrate on the data.

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