February 26, 2013

Microeconomics 6th Edition by Jeffrey M. Perloff

Microeconomics 6th Edition PDF Download Ebook. Jeffrey M. Perloff presents theory in the context of real, data-driven examples, and then develops intuition through his hallmark Solved Problems. Readers will gain a practice perspective, seeing how models connect to real-world decisions being made in today’s firms and policy debates.

Core microeconomic theories—consumer theory, theory of the firm, and perfect competition—are covered thoroughly in the first half of the book, followed by a fully up-to-date, authoritative treatment of modern theories—such as game theory, strategies, uncertainty, and moral hazard.

Each chapter begins with a Challenge that presents information about an important, current real-world issue and concludes with a series of questions about that material. At the end of the chapter, a Challenge Solution answers these questions using methods presented in that chapter.

Hundreds of examples and applications use real people, real companies, and real data to illustrate microeconomic theory. Providing valuable practical perspective, abundant examples and applications showcase the versatility of modern microeconomics. In each chapter, Solved Problems provide students with a step-by-step model for working out both qualitative and quantitative problems.

Where possible, the Solved Problem directs students to a specific problem at the end of chapter to practice the concept on their own. Five Cross-Chapter Analyses throughout the text create crucial links between core theories covered in separate chapters, combining Applications with Solved Problems to give students hands-on practice designed to sharpen their analytical and quantitative skills.

Economic models are used to probe the likely outcomes of changes in public policies such as taxes, subsidies, barriers to entry, price floors and ceilings, quotas and tariffs, zoning, laws limiting diversification, pollution controls, licensing laws, and laws governing pensions.

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