March 6, 2013

Econometrics: Theory & Applications With Eviews

Econometrics: Theory & Applications With Eviews PDF Download Ebook. Ben Vogelvang provides a broad introduction to quantitative economic methods: how models arise, their underlying assumptions and how estimates of parameters or other economic quantities are computed.

The author combines econometric theory with practice by demonstrating its use with the software package EViews. The emphasis is on understanding how to select the right method of analysis for a given situation, and how to actually apply the theoretical methods in the right way. Numerous screenshots of EViews windows have been included to clarify its use.

Economists are regularly confronted with results of quantitative economics research. This text provides integrated discussion of econometric theory and applications with EViews illustrating the benefits of a statistical, mathematical approach to applied econometric research, but avoiding superfluous manual computations.

A quantitative economic research project is simulated in the case studies throughout various chapters using real economic data, showing how to conduct your own econometric research project and write a complete research paper. The author has carefully selected only the relevant statistical and mathematical theory to discuss the application of tests, and the consequences of those tests.

This book is suitable for use on introductory econometrics courses taken as a part of an economics degree or qualification, or for those requiring knowledge on the practical application of EViews to economic data.

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