March 5, 2013

Modern Industrial Organization 4th Edition, Carlton

Modern Industrial Organization 4th Edition PDF Download Ebook. Dennis W. Carlton and Jeffrey M. Perloff describe the traditional structure-conduct-performance framework by using the latest advances in microeconomic theory, including transaction cost analysis, game theory, contestability, and information economics.

Fully updated to reflect new trends and topics, the book focuses on providing students with a clear, unified structure for analyzing theories and empirical evidence about the organization of firms and industries. In-depth modern coverage provides a thorough background in microeconomic theory.

Two-color figures and interior design add to the accessibility and pedagogical effectiveness of the text. Practical examples illustrate the role of individual theories in current policy debates. Appropriate for use in two-semester courses, this book can easily be used for shorter courses by following the suggested course outlines.

Designed for flexibility, this text can be tailored for use with different audiences and includes starred sections and technical appendices that can be used to increase the level of difficulty and depth of coverage.

This text includes discussion of recent important applications, policies, and new theories; new and updated examples to illustrate the role of theory in current policy debates; substantial condensation of the text proper, a two-color interior design and two-color figures throughout; and an all-new extensive Companion Web Site.

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